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"STUDIO" Photography

Studio photo sessions can be fabulous. They can be done with a great variant of goals and or purposes. You can be hired by a private client for personal photos. You can be hired by a company to photograph a product or perhaps a clothing line. They can be themed, like, " A Fitness Photo Shoot," or "Cosplay." Models can play a big part in these or just about any photo shoot. I will look more at the models role in a future blog.


Weather you are going to a certain photo studio because of a personal recommendation or you have discovered a place on-line, making a personal visit to the this location is abundantly important!


There will always be things to keep in mind when looking for a good photography studio. One of the most important items will be, "Does this place fit within my personal or client budget?" A client may offer you a set amount of money to cover all costs - Your fee, picture fee, editing fee, model(s) and studio time, so you want to be sure this place is in your range.

"Do they have all the lighting, props, etc. . .that will be necessary for this photo shoot?" "What is included in the initial cost per hour?" Some places will allow a small amount of time for setting up lighting, it depends on the place and how busy they are. Just keep your needs and priorities in mind when visiting any potential photo studio.


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." We all can look at our work in a certain way, but as I am sure you have noticed before, no two people see the same things in a photograph! Post your photos to get some good feedback! You never know who will be watching : )

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